The Medical / Healthcare market continues to evolve, including solutions spanning the range from medical devices for consumer health, to drug dispensing, consumables, as well as more traditional medical equipment for hospitals and other health-care facilities.  The technology to support these solutions is advancing rapidly, and is increasingly embedding capabilities such as stretchable electronics, wearables, as well as a wide range of sensors that serve to transmit real-time data from patients to their personal care providers, whether in a local hospital, or remote support center locations.

Here at Masterwork, we are uniquely positioned to support your needs through very flexible, stable, high-quality near-shoring manufacturing operations in support of the North American market.  Our capabilities span the range of early design support, through rapid new product introduction, PCBA, Plastics, Metals, and final Box-Build system integration, such that through Masterwork and our partners you will receive the optimum supply chain solution that ensures your high-quality requirements are exceeded, with a regional, flexible, cost competitive solution.


  • Remote Patient, Wearable Monitoring Devices
  • Point-of-Care Diagnostic Systems
  • Ultrasound Imaging
  • Single-Use Disposable Products
  • Non-Intrusive Medical Monitoring Products
  • Ventilation Respiratory Equipment
  • Wellness Products (SPA Treatments; Air Purifiers)
  • Medical Skincare Products
  • Therapeutic Medical Devices (Massage; TENS)
  • Automated High-Volume Pharmacy Systems