From networking and telecom, to cloud computing and storage, to the transition to 5G, high-end communications are transforming the way the world communicates and processes information.  Network requirements such as big data, IOT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are driving rapid new changes in data center technology speed, capacity and processing power.  

Wide ranging solutions and applications including the Smart Grid; Industrial Automation; Transportation; Smart Cities and homes, Retail; Autonomous vehicles; Environmental solutions; and others are all enabled by the high-end communications networks Masterwork can design and build for your company.  With full lifecycle solution capabilities, supporting your team from Design, to NPI, PCBA and Box-Build Manufacturing, Fulfillment and After-Market Services, Masterwork is excited to be your partner helping deliver next generation solutions to the marketplace.


  • Cloud managed Cellular Routers
  • IOT Edge Gateways
  • Cellular Modems and Adapters
  • Edge Computing Devices
  • Embedded Systems
  • Retail Transaction & Service Terminals
  • Digital Signage
  • Sensors, Controllers, Networking Devices
  • Agricultural Remote Monitoring