The Consumer electronics marketplace is a constantly evolving, technologically advancing industry spanning a wide-ranging set of products and sectors.  With rapidly advancing technology, higher volumes, and competitive cost targets, supply chain agility in support of the North American market is critical.  Historically, many consumer products have been sourced from Asia, however with recent developments such as rising labor rates, more complex logistics, increased freight leadtimes and cost, as well as significant tariffs, many consumer companies are finding that “near-shoring” their products from Mexico, with a hybrid Mexico/Asia supply chain, is vastly superior in terms of total cost of ownership as well as timely customer service and support for their end-customers.

Whether your product needs range anywhere on the continuum from audio communications, to mobile devices and wearables, to Set-Top Boxes, Monitors, and Tablets, to Appliances and White Goods, etc., Masterwork is here to support your needs for low-cost, high-quality, flexible manufacturing solutions with delivery to your end-customers throughout North America:


  • High-End Audio Communications
  • Electronic Musical Instrumentation
  • AR & VR Devices
  • Consumer Ovens, Juicers, and other appliances
  • Home electronic lock / keypad assemblies
  • Large Scale Consumer Monitors
  • Airline Inflight Entertainment & Gaming Consules
  • Digital Cameras
  • Electric Grills
  • Air Fryer Cookers / Electric Ice Makers
  • Solar Powered Coolers / Backpacks