The Power & Energy sector is currently experiencing a radical transformation from legacy electro-mechanical solutions to new digital grids that will power the future.  Energy networks and infrastructure are evolving to support the needs of Smart Cities, Urban Centers, Solar Solutions, as well as the major transition towards a predominantly Electric Vehicle driven society.

At Masterwork, we are committed to being your partner helping you to deliver the unique solutions of the future, including products such as smart meters, sensors, digital controllers, electric vehicle charging stations, solar modules and inverters, and other associated electronic grid devices and components. Through our flexible design and manufacturing services and innovative solutions to increasingly complex needs in this market sector, Masterwork will help you accelerate the transition of your unique products and solutions into the marketplace at world-class speed and competitiveness.


  • Measurement systems
  • Energy Control
  • Power Battery Packs 
  • Displays
  • Smart meters
  • Sensors
  • Controllers
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Solar modules and Inverters